Friday, July 30, 2010

Comments on CNN stories I may or may not have read.

Today, I've decided to comment on stories from CNN, since I can't really talk about other things that are going on in my life. I'm not planning on reading all of the stories, but I do plan to comment anyway.

Headline 1. Lohan's jail comfort food: Twizzlers
Comment: Who cares? Seriously, I don't care if she's eating stink bugs. She's in jail because she is an idiot. She's correct when she says she hasn't been treated fairly. Anyone else would have been in jail a long time ago.

Headline 2. Pattinson inspires underwear line
Comment: Does he even have an ass? Taylor Lautner could inspire a whole lot more than an underwear line. (Please tell me he's 18 already.)

Headline 3.  No Charges for 7 Jackson Docs
Comment: Are we really surprised? Not to mention, MJ would have taken the drugs no matter what. He could buy them legally, illegally, and semi-legally. He could ask his fans and they would deliver them directly. An addict will do drugs as long as they can get them or until they come to a place where they begin to recover. He had no desire to recover.

Headline 4: Mom, 22, dies after silicone shots
Comment:  Plastic surgery is ridiculous for most people, and especially ridiculous for a 22 year old. I'd like to see this country step away from the looking like an absolute freak of nature phase and step into the "focusing on health" phase. Your body is beautiful. Work with it. Nurture it. You aren't a literal piece of clay. Stop with the mutilation. I'm not against plastic surgery for reconstructive purposes, for (actual) medical purposes, or to remove large birth marks and things of that nature. I've had minor plastic surgery a few times myself for medical reasons. However, for the majority of folks who die, knowing the risks of plastic surgery, it really seems like more of a "only the strong or smart survive" thing. You weren't smart enough to accept yourself for who you are and you weren't strong enough to survive the surgery. Game over.

Headline 5: Home Births Can be Harmful
Comment: I actually read this one, though it was just a blog post. The story glosses over any actual facts. It says that a "STRONGLY WORDED EDITORIAL" in Britain says that home births double the risk of neonatal death and that hospital delivery should be the preferred method. Ironically, home births in the US and Britain are increasing. The first comment hits it right on the head though.

"Likely, the cause of this increase (in the United States, anyways) is a lack of health insurance (due to unaffordability) and the incredible high cost of delivering a baby in a hospital without health insurance."

As a person who has done research on how much it costs to have a baby in the hospital, I can tell you that it's more than I would pay for a new car in most cases. (It's like two of my car brand new, actually.) I think that there are actually two reasons for the rise in home births. The first is economical. The second is that people want to be in charge of their birthing experience. I'm very direct with my doctor. I let him know ahead of time what I want, but that I am open to change. I don't want an epidural or drugs of any kind, but if this labor stretches out for hours I might just say "Shoot me up, doc."

Headline 6: Essence Defends White Editor Pick
Who cares? Essence has the right to pick anyone they want for the position. They could hire my cat Obi Wan and no one could say a damned thing about it. (Granted, Obi Wan is black.) Also, they are a fashion editor. No one gets angry when a women's magazine has a male fashion editor. It's the same concept. Welcome to the future. Equality works both ways.

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