Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Music to make the week go by.

Barenaked Ladies - You Run Away

I really like this song. The music and lyrics and perfect together.

Neon Trees - Animal
It just has a cool sound. I find myself wailing along.

Chicane - Poppiholla

Brandi Carlile - The Story

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tampa Pet Adoption Expo

Just a quick note, guys. If you are looking for a pet your search may be over if you head to the Tampa Pet Adoption Expo. The Expo is being held at the Florida State Fairgrounds. You will be able to peruse pets from over 70 rescue groups. Specialty retailers will also be in attendance if you want to check them out. Admission is free, but it would be great if you brought a food donation to help keep pets in their homes. Pet food isn't pricey but, the love of an animal is priceless. (FYI: Fairground parking is $5.)

Not looking for a cat or dog? Don't worry! They even have bunnies and birds. You can find more information at

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update: Jazzy's BBQ

Friday, I went back to Jazzy's. I wanted to try some new things and see they were. I know I got some crap for disliking their Mac N' Cheese, but I stand by that. It's not something I would serve in my house.

Moving on to the new things, this time I got ribs, chicken, collard greens, corn bread, and potato salad. I didn't have the potato salad or the chicken before. The chicken was tender and juicy with a nice coating of barbecue sauce. I thought it was pretty good.

I had a few thoughts about the potato salad. First off, from a flavor perspective it tasted as it should. I liked it. I was surprised, pleasantly, that they put hard boiled eggs in it. I love eggs in my potato salad. I thought it was a little on the runny side. The upshot of that is that if you are like me and generally unable to finish a meal when you come back to it later it's still going to be moist and delicious.

Speaking of moist, get a load of their corn bread. I know I said I loved it before, but it's worth saying again. I love it. It doesn't have corn in it like my mother's, but it's still incredibly moist.

I definitely suggest trying Jazzy's. Just because I don't like one thing they make doesn't mean that I hate the restaurant. I reserve that for restaurants that don't cook their own food and still manage to suck.