Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Friday Night Knitting Club

I just finished The Friday Night Knitting Club. It didn't end the way I thought it would or the way I thought it should. It felt like I'd be reading this book forever and then, suddenly, it was finished.

The problem with my type of reading is that since I've used it as an escape tool for so long these characters feel very real and I feel like I have an emotional attachment to them. The few days it takes me to finish the book is just long enough for me to feel bonded with the characters. I'll admit that I cried.

The book itself is very good. It is everything the critics raved about on the cover. The description of New York City seem very accurate to someone who has only seen it in movies. The relationships between the characters are so real that you almost wonder who the author is basing them on. They have an amazing amount of substance.

It's hard to image that Kate Jacobs continued with a series, but she did.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Simply Saturday

This morning, I slept in until eight. When you have a baby, that's practically a miracle. I spent most of the day taking in The Friday Night Knitting Club and watching movies. We watched Chaos Theory and Falling Down. I enjoyed Chaos Theory an awful lot. Ryan Reynolds starred in this film from 2007 and he just was perfect. There was none of that irritating overacting like in Waiting or The Proposal. Falling Down was sort of the twisted exact opposite of Chaos Theory, so it's strange that we saw them on the same day.

I made a carrot cake this morning. It was really good, especially considering that I'm not a big fan of carrot cake. If you want to check out the recipe the link is here.

I've been visiting the library an awful lot lately. I just finished Wicked Appetite which I loved by Janet Evanovich. I read the majority of her Stephanie Plum books last week. I also borrowed My Custom Van by Michael Ian Black. I can't really get into it. While I find his brand of ridiculously silly comedy amusing in short doses, the essay style is just hard for me to get into. It's kind of like reading the diary of Dwight Schrute on while he's on antidepressants.

I've requested The Flirt by Kathleen Tessaro thanks to my Books-A-Million Book-A-Day calendar. While I don't want to read every book they suggest, two or three of them a week peak my interest, so I go online and have them sent to my local branch.

That's pretty much all that's been going on in my life.