Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Quinn is our resident lady's man. He's the only male cat in my house, for one. For two, my brother really isn't interested in dating, so the title defaults to Quinn.

Quinn thinks that Obi Wan is too young for him and treats her like a sister. They groom each other and snuggle, but he never attempts to engage her "romantically." Bella, on the other hand, seems to be just the right age for him. He's constantly stalking her and trying to get her attention. Bella could not be less interested. She was happy when it was just her and Obi Wan. She thinks that Quinn should let himself out once and for all.

Quinn and Bella engage in epic battles. If I am home, I generally attempt to separate them or talk them out of fighting. This morning, Quinn would not be deterred. Bella warned him and he kept coming.

Bella hid under our futon in the living room and Quinn snuck up on her. This was a mistake. Bella had taken all she planned to take for the day. She reached out and slapped him. She even used her claws and scratched his nose.

Quinn tore out of there and came to me crying. "LOOK WHAT SHE DID TO ME!" he seemed to be saying. I rubbed his back and head and then I disinfected his nose. He looked up at me in horror. I held him and snuggled him more until it didn't hurt anymore and then he fell asleep snuggled in between my pillows.


This Quinn in the aftermath of his naughtiness. You can barely see the scratch from the photo, but this is definitely his sad face. 

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