Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Children are funny.

As you know, I don't spend an awful lot of time talking about my children. I'm not a mommy-blogger and I don't really think I would ever want to be. This blog post will be a little different because it is about Annie.

Annika just turned 7 on Valentine's Day. She's absolutely adorable, but beyond that she's very much an individual. She likes to be different. She likes to dress like a girl, but she wants to hang out with the boys. She worries about bullies, but she swears she won't let them push around her friends. She's decided that she is a werewolf and she's not kidding.

Annie recently had a "boyfriend." My mother completely freaked out. I didn't. I really don't think that it's a big deal. I don't see any point in decreeing that she not have a boyfriend. At this point, they just play together on the playground anyway. I think it's normal and healthy for children to express curiosity in the opposite sex and I think it gives us an opportunity to help her develop a pattern of positive behavior and choices.

Children see adults and they are aware that some of us date. They are curious about it and they want to be like us, so they imagine what it's like to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. They pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend or moms and dads, but they also pretend to be doctors, cashiers, and cowboys. It's a natural part of growing up.

Do I want Annie to start planning her wedding? No, not at all. Annika isn't planning anything either. She looked at me sadly at told me they broke up. It seems he didn't like Michael Jackson, so it never could have worked out.

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