Thursday, August 26, 2010


Nesting is a polite way of describing a phase in which a pregnant woman goes crazy. My current obsession is my hospital bag. I have nothing packed and I am completely freaking out. I don't even think I have an acceptable bag. I'm sure that I have something that is perfect in the garage, but until it's in my hands, I'm going to freak out.

Once I have the bag itself I'll need to make a list and put things in it. I know my husband will be with me, so if anything is missing I can send him to get it. Also, Hooters is across the street from the hospital, so should I need something greasy and delicious or if he needs a break he can always head over there.

The most important things will be:
  • Clothing for me and the baby
  • Snacks for my husband during the labor. (Usually, the babies kind of shoot out, but just in case.)
  • Phone chargers
  • My iPod
  • A sweater
  • A hair brush. (I don't carry one in my purse.)
  • Admissions info and related paperwork for the birth.
  • A digital camera
  • Baby blankets and travel gear
I think that covers everything that I would care about that the hospital doesn't provide.

I'm sure I'll obsess over this later. Now, I need to figure out what I'll be eating for lunch.

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