Friday, January 8, 2010


I have a project I am working on that is seriously eating my brain right now. I start to write about things that make sense to this blog and I find myself writing random things about the project that won't make sense to any of you.

I think most of you know I can be a very "in my own head" type of person. Sometimes, I get so far in there that I forget that the rest of you are out there. Not that I believe any of you are holding your breath waiting for my next brilliant and witty post, but I still feel obligated to the few of you who follow me to update semi regularly.

I'll spout out something clever soon. Promise.

In the mean time, my brother reviewed a book yesterday at one of our other sites. Check it out here.

Also, my Relay for Life team is having a garage sale on January 30th. If you have any items to donate please let me know. I'll update you on the address shortly.

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