Thursday, August 27, 2009


Last week, I won a pound of coffee from The Coffee Beanery by retweeting a post they made. I eagerly awaited my coffee. My doctor has suggested that I not drink coffee because it makes me a little like this guy, but I love it and drink it a few times a month and I am fine. My father gave me a really cool coffee maker but, due to the fact that I live alone, most of the time I drink coffee at restaurants. I wasn't sure how this was going to work out.

I made a decision. I brought the previously mentioned really cool coffee maker and the cherished and won (in a long hard fought internet battle that required exactly two clicks) coffee to work. I figured that if I shared the coffee with my coworkers it would guarantee two things.

1. I would not drink all the coffee at home and alone with the cats. I think if I did that I'd have to get a typewriter and a pack of cigarettes. (Would I be a real writer then? I think real writers are 2/3 coffee and nicotine.)

2. The coffee would not come to live permanently in my freezer. (Sometimes, things go in my freezer and get moved from apartment to apartment. I look at them longingly and lovingly, but never really use them.)

Now, let's talk about the coffee. The tweet I received that told me I won said that I would get one pound of coffee. IT WAS A LIE! I got so much more. I got, as promised, one pound of Mocha Java, one coffee scoop, one pots worth of Smores flavored coffee, one pots worth of Carmel flavored coffee, and one pots worth of Dark and Rich flavored coffee. (I considered giving the last one to my mother since that's how she likes her men, but I figured her tastes might have changed after meeting her current male friend. He's something else altogether.)

The first day I was to make coffee in the office I couldn't decide which flavor to use. I walked up to an employee with the flavors turned away from him and asked him to pick one. He chose Smore's flavor and I declared my love for him. (I got a little excited. I'll admit it.) I prepared the coffee and the smell flooded my office. I could barely wait for the beep of the finished coffee pot. I poured my first cup and added half and half and sugar. I took a big sniff and then I sipped out of the coffee cup I borrowed from my boss. (Don't worry, I washed it.) It was delicious. It had a sweet flavor that had hints of smoke, I swear. It was like magic in my mouth. I won't lie. I drank the entire pot by myself.

If you want to find out more about the Coffee Beanery you can check them out here or follow them on twitter here. Don't worry! They also carry Decaf!

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