Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh Great. It's Monday.

This weekend was wonderful for me. It was our anniversary weekend and the first time we had allowed anyone to babysit Jack.

Saturday night we went to Acropolis Greek Taverna. It is sort of new to our area though I had been to the one in Ybor. My mother came to our house and babysat Jack while we ate and went to Target and that was really nice. I was nervous, but my mother sent me a picture of Jack sleeping in his play pen halfway through our dinner so I was able to relax.

Sunday, we stayed at home and pretty much did nothing. It was comfortable though and I wasn't terribly bored. I wanted to go out and get some strawberries at one point, but it was obvious that my husband was not going to do that, so I opted to relax and see if I could adventure out sometime this week instead. Annika is coming on Thursday, so if we are berry-less at that point then maybe we will have to go Friday morning.

Now that Monday has arrived it's decided to be a pain. Jack woke up at 6am, which would be okay normally. However, in the wake of Daylight Savings Time it was awful. Jack was pretty happy about it though and that helped. It's hard to be mad around a giggling baby.

Jack has fallen asleep repeatedly for about 5 minutes at the absolute longest. His teeth have been bothering him and I know that's what this is about in addition to the mega drool and super snot. I thought that I might be able to get a nap if he took a longer one, but I sat on my bed this morning and was greeted by a popping sound and then a sudden shifting downward. Apparently, I popped out a support beam. There will be no nap for me.

Monday! I'm making the best of you! I've got leftover brownies and a decent attitude. 

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