Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Music That Moves Me

I am home all the time now.

Correction: I am home with Jack all the time now.

I used to listen to all kinds of music, but Jack only seems to love the music that I sing with. He's not big into rap, mostly because I have a speech impediment and rapping is hard for me, even if I wasn't the honkiest person alive. (I have absolutely zero street cred.)

Jack really seems to enjoy the musical stylings of Glee. I like it also, but it's really easy to sing with since most of it is meant to be sung by a group of people. It's easy to find your place and really belt it out. Jack thinks that is the funniest thing ever. If we dance while I'm singing he thinks that is even better. It seems that his favorite song is "Hello Goodbye" originally by The Beatles.

Even as I play the video now, Jack is kicking his legs like crazy.

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