Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update: Jazzy's BBQ

Friday, I went back to Jazzy's. I wanted to try some new things and see they were. I know I got some crap for disliking their Mac N' Cheese, but I stand by that. It's not something I would serve in my house.

Moving on to the new things, this time I got ribs, chicken, collard greens, corn bread, and potato salad. I didn't have the potato salad or the chicken before. The chicken was tender and juicy with a nice coating of barbecue sauce. I thought it was pretty good.

I had a few thoughts about the potato salad. First off, from a flavor perspective it tasted as it should. I liked it. I was surprised, pleasantly, that they put hard boiled eggs in it. I love eggs in my potato salad. I thought it was a little on the runny side. The upshot of that is that if you are like me and generally unable to finish a meal when you come back to it later it's still going to be moist and delicious.

Speaking of moist, get a load of their corn bread. I know I said I loved it before, but it's worth saying again. I love it. It doesn't have corn in it like my mother's, but it's still incredibly moist.

I definitely suggest trying Jazzy's. Just because I don't like one thing they make doesn't mean that I hate the restaurant. I reserve that for restaurants that don't cook their own food and still manage to suck.

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