Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have neglected this blog and I feel awful, but I have been terribly busy with things that I feel like shouldn't be written about here.

In the past few weeks, I have been to Chuck E. Cheese twice, so I feel that is punishment enough. Chuck E. Cheese is "Where a kid can be a kid", but it's also where a normally sane adult can be driven to the very brink of sanity. The pizza is actually kind of good. I suppose when you have about 300 smallish children are running around, shrieking, and chasing after tokens like leisure suited casino patrons you look for the positive things.

Positive Things at Chuck E Cheese
  • Beer (not good beer, but it technically is beer.)
  • Simple Pizza Choices - Cheese, Pepperoni, or the Works. 
  • Every game costs 1 token.
  • They take coupons. - You can find coupons on their website and in the Sunday Paper.
  • Salad Bar - Vegan and Vegetarians can suffer, I mean, eat here too!
  • Indoor Playground - It only about a billion degrees here in the Florida Summer with 100% humidity. Look MA! No heat stroke!
  • Friendly-ish Staff - The birthday party staff is about as cheery as you can get. The other staff is pretty good too considering the abuse they endure. I one met a girl who had worked at Chuck E. Cheese for about 8 years. I was shocked. She was the nicest person I had ever met there.
  • Security - When you come in the door you and your children receive a stamp with a group number on it. If you enter or leave with a child they check your number. The stamp is in ink you can only see under black light, so spazzy folks like me don't freak out.
  • Did princess not get enough tickets for her dream prize? NO WORRIES! You can buy them for a penny a piece.
Alright. You are now filled in on Chuck E Cheese. Future parents, be warned. Current parents, we can hope they will grow out of this soon. Right?!

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