Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Interview

After the whole shoe debacle, I figured the interview better be good. In standard Courtney form, I got lost on the way there. The man who was interviewing told me to take exit 224. This would have been perfect if I was coming from the South. Unfortunately, I was coming from North of the facility so I needed to take exit 240. This made me late.

I considered just skipping the interview all together, but then I thought I did NOT spend like 5 hours in the mall shopping for shoes for this interview to end up not going. (Also, I remember how upset I got when people failed to show up or even call me when I was expecting them for an interview.) I called the HR department and explained that I missed my exit, apologized profusely, and then soldiered on. I arrived 15 minutes late. Normally, I would have been completely sweaty and freaked out. This time, I was beyond caring.

I walked in, announced my presence, and had a seat. The man who interviewed me came to collect me and I felt very relaxed. He had a very similar interview style to mine, so he didn't bother asking a bunch of ridiculous questions. He simply sat and talked to me. He spent about 45 minutes talking about himself and the company and it was very comfortable. The other 15 minutes I was there were basically me talking about my management style, what makes me comfortable, and why I know I am worth what I am asking for and more.

I think I asked for more money than he could pay for that position, but I know he liked me and he wants to find a place for me in their organization if he can. He'll let me know on Friday afternoon.

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