Monday, September 21, 2009

Babies and birthday parties.

   This weekend consisted of my and the kids running around to different events. Friday night we saw the Lightening defeat the Atlanta Thrashers in overtime. It was great. We got there just late enough so that by the time the kids wanted to leave, the game was over. We left the Forum in pouring rain. The kids thought that was freaking awesome. They slept the whole way home and late into the morning. Well, until 7:30am.

   Saturday, we went to a birthday party for my nephew. It was Carter's third birthday and he was very excited to have other little kids to play with. The kids were positively filthy by the time we left in the early evening. They had their faces painted by my cousin. (If you need a face painter in Pasco or Hernando, let me know. She's great.) They ate everything in sight and then drank enough Hawaiian Punch to drown a horse.

   I held a baby for a good portion of the time. He was so cute. See:


  1. Nothing cuter than a bald baby with a binkie.

  2. He is my nephew, Devon. Though this baby is no ghost. About 10 seconds after this photo was taken he filled his diaper and screamed for a clean one!