Thursday, May 21, 2009

The ads are getting me down, man.

Yesterday, I was looking at my site with Meg, my best friend. We suddenly noticed the Google ad. Here's how it read:

Meg thought this was hysterical. Look, I'm not quite thirty. I'm not married. I have cats. I realize this fulfills a lot of stereotypes. I also have children, which makes me more eligible for the above ad, but I'm certainly not starved for love. I'm not quite a spinster. I have BEEN married. After that very special treat, I'm not exactly jumping to do it again. I suppose dating emotionally unavailable men hasn't helped, but it's something I'm working on.

Statistically speaking men get married much more quickly than women do after a divorce. My husband surely did (to a really wonderful woman.) I'm waiting for the right man, not the right now man.

Is there a point to all this? To be honest, not really. However, Google and people of the world, there really is no reason for all of the sad looks and pity. I'm not dead yet!


  1. But..your not single!!

  2. Too funny. If I judged myself from my spam I'd have won the UK lottery seven thousand times, be in need of Viagra, watches, and insurance, and have lots of Chinese firms that want to hire me as their lawyer!

  3. @James, I went from having a real boyfriend to simply "dating" the same person. Long story. Big mess. I'm an idiot.

    @SFL I get the same spam. It makes me laugh that penis enlargement items are so popular. I never get emails about the next big thing in breast enlargement. Granted, if I used it I'd be unable to walk. I'd have to be carried about in a wheelbarrow.

  4. You deserve so much better! You could date an older man(I know your partial to them), who is single, has a great job and would treat you and your kids quite well! When your ready to loose the rest and have the best, you let me know. Imagine the baking projects we could explore!