Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My new favorite belt buckle!

I just got an awesome new belt buckle! I cannot wait to wear it. Those of you who know me personally understand that I am directionally challenged. Some of you might go with a GPS or carry maps with you. I kick it old school with my new Compass Rose Belt Buckle!

You might think the awesome stops there, BUT WAIT there's more! For those moments when I am desperate trying to figure out if I am going the right way or not, there's an actual compass that flips out. SWEET!

You can find some other awesome buckles and belts at


  1. Thanks, Denis! I only like the dorky ones, of course.

    We have a lot of other buckles that are "cool," but they are not for me.

  2. When you get a cool X-Men "X" belt buckle, call me.

  3. I'll do my best, Bill. Right now, we carry a lot of comic items, but have yet to add any X-Men.

    Obviously, Batman and Superman are very popular but we even have the Hulk and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I LOVE TMNT! TURTLE POWER!

  4. You are the cutiest nerd I know!